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Below is a little about who makes up Kokomo Charters.  Picture approachable, genuine and positive outdoors 'people-people,' and you'll find the Kokomo Crew.  Captain John operates the Boats, and his wife Ali, operates the Private Land Charters in her shiny Cadillac.  Whatever you choose to do, and with whoever, we can guarantee you won't regret it!

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Captain John

What's Up Everyone - it's Capt. John!  Thank you for taking the time to surf our site.  I am the Creator, and Owner of this company and Captain the boats.  I have been boating this area for over 15 years and know a lot about these waterways.  Whether it's a mainstream or off-the-grid experience you're looking for - I can deliver!  Families, friends, bachelorette parties, couples, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals - its all good!  You bring the party and I'll host the experience.  Private charters mean there is no railroad track - we can go anywhere and can do anything we want, and that is what boating is all about.

Ali of Kokomo Charters

Ali, your Driver

Hello Everyone, it's Ali!  Thank you for reading through our site and considering to spend a day with me!  I love where I live, grew up here and don't plan on leaving any time soon (ever).  This entire area has so much to offer and growing up here has not only made me knowledgeable of the here and now, but also the past and how things were.  I am going to show you SUCH a nice day!  By no means do I call myself a docent, but I can hold my own!  I'm a total nerd, but in a really fun, comical and genuine way.  This Cadillac is a good time, and there are lots of places to explore you most likely never knew existed!  Like our Boat Charters, we're not on a railroad track - we can go anywhere and do anything we want.  Whether you're a family, a girls trip, friends or just a couple, I look forward to meeting you all and sharing an epic day!  

All the way to the Top!

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Why We Started Kokomo Charters

To make every day, a good day.

True Story. Everyone starts somewhere, and a lot of times we stay where we are because we're too afraid of making changes.  We (John & Ali) took a shot in dark at making what we love to do, our jobs!  With a ton of effort and a little luck, here we are and wouldn't want it any other way!  We have a passion for outdoors, traveling, and to connect with new people.  We host experiences that create lasting memories.  The Vibe is always positive, the reviews are always genuine and everyone is feeling good.  We can't ask for any more than that.

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