Kokomo Cadillac

Enjoy the ride.

A little comfort goes a long way.  In fact, it goes all over the place when you're with us!

Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

Spread out - we've got room.

What can we say - it's a Cadillac, and a really big one at that.  It's total overkill in terms of practicality, but we've never set out to just blend.  It's also the Platinum model, so it's got all the fun toys.  Spread out and enjoy the luxury while we show you a great day!

Kokomo Land Tour Front of SUV
DSC06381 (1)

Why a private land charter?

Because the road less traveled is worth the ride!

Imagine seeing and experiencing the beauty of this area where parking is never an issue, having the right gear to experience these places, no worries about driving, traffic, directions or research - and doing it First Class.  What makes this fun is both the journey and the changing destinations.  Every stop has a different vibe and at the end of the day, you'll have done a lot, and with minimal effort!

Live Life Escalated

Take a peek at some interior shots.  We'll keep you comfortable.

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