Why Kokomo?

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If you're reading this, we already have something in common.  We're both in search of something that will be fun and make us feel good.  New experiences are the key to resetting, and that is why we vacation.  On vacation, we like to enjoy who we're with, and perhaps, meet someone new.  We believe that should be done in epic places.  Kokomo Charters will harness that and will bring you and yours to those epic places, in First Class, with approachable, knowledgable and genuine guides.  It's who we are and what we do, and that will never change!  Wheteher you choose to explore by Land or by Sea, we've got you covered, and look forward to meeting all of you!


We're Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, for many reasons...

Our honest and genuine approach to connecting with our guests has landed us honest and genuine reviews, from those guests.  Read our reviews here.


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Follow us on Facebook and we'll appear in your feed with Positive Vibes Only!  We'll share the jumping dolphins, the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and "what's the haps" at the Tiki Bars!  Our goal is to make you smile when you see anything posted from Kokomo Charters!


Why By Sea

The water is what put this tropical playground called Sarasota on the map.  Exploring these waterways is a must do.  Exploring these waterways on captained luxury cruising boats like ours, with everything you need on board, is a little different story than what kind of boat you're able to rent or other available charters.  We're not for everyone, and that's OK, but for those of you who we are for; know that we're swinging for the fence!

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Why By Land

The water may have been here first, but it didn't take long to develop around these beautiful waterways.  The pride in living here has resulted in developers carefully and tastefully creating Sarasota and the Islands that line this coast.  The history is interesting, the views are magical, the tiki bars have ice cold beer and positive vibes, and the kitschy attractions will please everyone!  Cruise in style and leave the worries to us as you see it all!

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