Why Kokomo Charters?

You have a choice.

We would like to take this opportunity to showcase what makes us who we are.  We are constantly innovating to make the experience you are buying, the best it can possibly be.  Take a few minutes and scroll through the highlights of Kokomo Charters.


We're Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, for many reasons...

Our honest and genuine approach to connecting with our guests has landed us honest and genuine reviews, from those guests.  Read our reviews here.


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Follow us on Facebook and we'll appear in your feed with Positive Vibes Only!  We'll share the jumping dolphins, the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and anything that doesn't have to do with land!  Our goal is to make you smile when you see anything posted from Kokomo Charters!


Sea Ray.

Not your typical Charter Boat.

We use high-end Sea Ray boats designed for comfortable cruising.  The fit, finish, quality and comfort Sea Ray provides stands way out - and that translates to a fantastic experience!  Further, you will not see any advertising on our boats - you'll not only blend in, you'll make friends with neighboring boats that give you compliments like "wow, nice boat!"


The Captains LOVE what they do!

Whether Captain John is at the helm of "Good Vibes," or Captain Potter is at the helm of "One Love," you will be in good company with knowledgable, boating enthusiasts that aim to have as much fun as you do.  Your safety is top priority and their local knowledge of the area will be apparent as you see and experience this area's hidden treasures.  Let them show you "their backyard" as you sit back and relax.



Online Booking is always current.

Sometimes you just want to buy something and not have to deal with a real person. Our online booking is very easy to follow and is always up to date.  Play with the dates and times, and we will be there to pick you up!  

If you are not ready to pay in full at the time of booking, then just give us a call and we will take a 50% deposit over the phone to hold your spot.  The other half of payment will be due at the end of the boat charter.

Wind and Rain protection.

Stay warm, Stay dry.

Aboard our "Good Vibes" Boat Only, we stock Eisenglass panels that do a few things.  Easy to put on when you need them - they'll keep the wind off of you on a cooler day, and keep the rain off you in the event of a pop-up shower.  You don't realize how great they are until you need them!



Jump in and have some fun!

On our Half and Full Day Charters, we provide 2 Stand Up Paddleboards on the "Good Vibes" boat, and offer water tubing on the "One Love" boat.  We also have full face snorkel masks and large noodle rafts on each of the boats.  Best Part...if you book both boats together, then you can go both paddleboarding and watertubing! 

The Bathroom.

If you gotta go, you gotta go!

Both of our boats are equipped with a marine head for your use, so drink up!  The bathroom on the "Good Vibes" boat is bigger, with more wiggle room. 


The Drone.

Have eyes in the Sky!

Aboard our "Good Vibes" Boat Only, Captain John can fly a drone and will send you the pictures from up top.  You will most likely change your Facebook profile pic!  *Not available on Sightseeing Charters.

Photography from the First Mate.

Ali will make you Smile!

Aboard our "Good Vibes" Boat Only, First Mate Ali will shoot some amazing pictures of you and your party.  She edit's all the photos and will email them to you as a forever keepsake, free of charge. 



Turn it up and Jam out!

Aboard both of our boats, we have invested in some serious stereo upgrades.  Amplified with subwoofers, we can jam - or there's also a mute button if you'd like Mother Nature to sing to you!  You can even hook up to the stereos via Bluetooth, so you can play your favorite tunes right from your phone.  Welcome to Club Kokomo!

Water Misters.

Beat the Heat!

Another innovative idea from Kokomo.  Installed on both of our boats are freshwater misting kits under our bimini tops.  Now that we have them, we cannot picture boating in the heat without them.  With the flip of a switch, it'll cool you off 30 degrees.  Mother Nature actually sent us a letter that said "Dear Kokomo - you win."


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