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It's boating with your best friends, on a really, really nice boat!
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Welcome aboard a one of a kind, Private, Captained and Mated boating experience you'll be talking about long after it's over.  See, our boating style is different than anyone else's.  Our mission statement is "Boating with your best friends, on a really, really nice boat!"  We thrive on connecting with people, make lasting friendships, and host unforgettable experiences.  'TOP SHELF' is a 2021 37' Luxury SeaRay Day-Yacht that caters to Upscale, Private Charters, but with Laid Back Vibes.  We've been in business full time since 2015 making us seasoned professionals at what we do.  Whether you're looking to relax with friends and family, or looking to turn it up and have a few cocktails - this boat does both, and does it very well!  

On average, we are double the cost of a smaller, private charter boat which there are many to choose from.  Though we are more expensive, realize that in comparison to other boats we are in a space of our own.  We've aimed high for quality.  This boat has about 3x the open space, is 3x as heavy, is 10x the cost, comes Captained and Mated, is loaded with the best amenities available, and we have been perfecting our product since 2015.  When comparing these stats to others, we offer a deal and we're happy to share what we've built!  We aren't a tour, we host an experience you can only get aboard the product we showcase, and with the crew who runs it.  That's what makes us, us.  Book right online, or give us a call anytime!

We have mastered the Art of Boating!  See you on the water!


Meet Top Shelf!

Welcome to Day-Yachting.  It's getting away while sitting in First Class with your family and best friends.  Enjoy the generous space, luxury and amenities this Yacht has to offer.  Relax, conversate, eat, drink, cruise slow, cruise fast, party it up or watch a football game on an anchor - this boat does all of that, and more!

The Perfect Charter For Any Occasion

Or just because you want to - reasons aren't necessary.

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