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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!



TripAdvisor has ranked us #1 on Siesta Key, for many reasons...

This is where we sell you on us, simply by being - us.
  -  At Kokomo Charters, we provide an awesome experience that puts us in a class of our own - and priced perfect for the products we offer.  The entire Sarasota area is such a gem, and we specialize in showing it off.
This is why we are the #1 RATED PRIVATE CHARTER.
Here is the difference and it's important you understand what we do.  Our boats are not center counsel fishing boats that offer a boat ride.  We use really nice, high end Sea Ray's that are designed to provide comfort on the water, at an affordable price.  There is a huge difference in comfort between a fishing boat offering a sightseeing tour and our pleasure cruisers offering a chartered experience.  We even do our Land Charters in a Cadillac Escalade.  Comfort is key, both by Land and Sea!  Our team is full of life and our reviews will show you that we go above and beyond - every time, in every aspect, for every charter - and that will never change, because that is who we are.  

The Best Charter. Period.

Why should you choose Kokomo Charters?

Why wouldn't you?  

We have the nicest boats, an artistic team that has made having fun, their jobs - and a Cadillac Land Charter that will show you incredible things.  Let's have a great day!

- The Kokomo Family

Kokomo Charters By Sea


Full Day Charters

Our Full Day Charters are like a vacation, from your vacation. It's the road less traveled, with no wrong turns! Find out why.

Starting at $1050

(Up to 6 Guests)


Half Day Charters

If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. This charter provides just that!

Starting at $525

(Up to 6 Guests)

DSC08852 (2)

Sightseeing Charters

Get a taste of the Nautical Perspective with this 2Hr boat charter. It's also the perfect amount of time to meet the local dolphins!

Starting at $350

(Up to 6 Guests)


Sunset Charters 

Meet where the sky touches the sea! We offer 2 different sunset cruises to celebrate the end of "just another day in paradise."

Starting at $450

(Up to 6 Guests)

Watch this and Learn About Our Land Charters!

A Vacation, Within A Vacation - A Daytime Roadtrip With Ali!

Experience Island Life, Escalated...

Also offering Private Black Car Service (Exclusive to the Good Vibes Boat).

Kokomo Charters By Land


 Island Hopping Tour

Come explore the islands with us and see why they put this area on the map. Uncover a secret beach, shop til you drop at unusual stores and soak in those island vibes at unique sightseeing spots. 

Starting at $650

(Up to 6 Guests)


Tiki Bar Trail Tour

Hop on the Tiki Bar Trail with us and become a Tiki Bar Connoisseur! Every Tiki Bar has a different look, a different vibe, a different waterview and a different cocktail. A One of a Kind Tour!


(Up to 6 Guests)


Garden Tour

Choose Jungle Gardens or Selby Gardens for a fun filled morning adventure, then fill the afternoon with good food, shopping, beaches and sightseeing. The possibilities are endless and the day is all yours for the taking!


(Up to 6 Guests)


Ole' FL Tour

Step back into time with us as we explore Florida's natural beauty and wildlife. We'll visit areas untouched by man and witness it's pure form as it was way back when. There is more to Florida than just it's beautiful beaches.


(Up to 6 Guests)

Memories are created at the moment when one person says to another person, “WHAAAT!”

Amazing things happen when you least expect them on Kokomo Charters.  Let go, keep an open mind and watch it unfold!

Our fleet Kokomo Charters

Check Out Our Fleet!

Quality makes the difference.

We use Sea Ray's for our Boat Charters and a Cadillac Escalade, ESV - Platinum, for our Land Charters.

The purpose of Luxury is not only to provide comfort, it's just plain fun!  So let's multi-task and not only look good, but feel good!

That's how we roll on Kokomo!

The Perfect Charter for Any Occasion

Or, just because you can. We don't judge!

Sightseeing Tours Venice fl
Tiki Bar Hops
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Family Fun

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