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What is this all about?  Good Times!  That is exactly what this experience is all about.  This charter is designed to be comfortable while enjoying the amenities and luxuries of the yacht.  The boat is high end, but operated in a very down to earth manner.  Larger charter boats like this tend to stay at slower speeds, but with us, we'll pick it up and give you thrill.  Unmarked and no advertising signage - you'll be the envy of other boaters.  Music is everything, and we've got a playlist that pairs with everyone.  Pricing is for 6 guests, but please call if you have more as we will give you some options and try to make it work.  Charters on this boat are recommended for a mature audience - ages 10 and up.  The reason for this is because part of the experience is dropping an anchor in a beautiful spot and conversating with everyone on board.  It's like a picnic in paradise, but a lot of times the younger ones get bored and need activities we don't provide on this boat.  Please call if you'd like to bring younger ones - we're more than happy to have a conversation and exceptions can certainly be made in exchange for exceptionally well behaved children (if you're picking up what we're laying down).  The Captain has been known to spoil the kids with a driving lesson and make their whole trip...

The experience on this boat is in a class of it's own when comparing to other availabe charters in the area.  It's extremely heavy which means it's as smooth as it gets, especially when we're going fast.  For a boat, there is a lot of room in the head (bathroom), and it's air contitioned.  The bow is enormous, can be shaded or full sun, and boasts 2 beautiful teak cocktail tables.  The cockpit is like a posh living room with a huge mahogany table under a fiberglass hard top.  There is an LED TV installed on the arch that streams live events like football games, concerts, etc, and plays through the boats incredible sound system.  It's pretty amazing if that's in your plans.  The aft (rear) of the boat has a 3 person rumble seat with dedicated speakers, a slide out ottoman, coolers, and an electric retractable sun shade over head.  There is literally not a bad seat on the boat - it's meant to entertain and that is what we do with it!  We stock yeti coolers, insulated cups, ice, and whatever else a typical boat day would need.  The stereo is like being at a concert and there's room to stand up and walk around, or dance.  

This is why we call this boat "TOP SHELF."

All About Top Shelf

It's a Sea Ray Yacht!
Easy Online Booking
The Perfect Adult Charter
Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins...
Editorial Summer and Game Day Recipes: Kansas City
Included Drinks & Snacks
Boat Charter
Includes up to 6 Guests, please call if you have more.
Drone Photography
Stop at a Waterside Restaurant
Large Head
Custom Cruises Available
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Why Top Shelf?

Lots of reasons, but here's a few.

  • Ultimate Day-Yacht
  • Private and Comfortable
  • Come as you are
  • Experienced Captain
  • Entertaining First Mate
Pickup locations

We pick up in Osprey, FL

The exact pickup location will be provided in an email upon booking your charter.  Please contact us if you have questions about the location.

**For an additional fee, we can also plan to pick up at other dock locations, including Siesta Key.  Please contact us for availability and an estimate.

Refund policy

Feel Secure With Our Refund Policy:

If you book a charter and we must cancel due to inclement weather, we will try to reschedule your charter to another timeslot.  If we are not able to reschedule, then a refund of your deposit will be issued.  Cancellation examples include high winds (over 20mph), colder temps (below 60 degrees) and high rain chances (over 80%).

If you need to cancel your boat charter due to any reason, we need at least a 48 hour notice in order to receive a deposit refund.  If your notice is less than 48 hours, the deposit refund will be forfeited.

If you cancel your charter within 4 hours of pickup, or if a no call-no show scenario happens, we will charge your credit card on file the total price of the boat charter.  There are no exceptions!

What's Included

"Top Shelf" Amenities:


  1. Ice & Cooler Space (Please do not bring large coolers as they take up space on the boat – Small coolers are fine.)
  2. Bottled & Flavored Sparkling Water, Gatorade, and Coke Products
  3. Light, Bagged Snacks
  4. Large Bathroom
  5. Charging Outlets for Phones
  6. Insulated Cups w/ Lids, Bottle Opener & Misc. Dish Ware
  7. Drone Photography (Not Included on Sightseeing or Sunset Cruises.)
  8. Beach Towels included
  9. Swimming Rafts on board
What to Bring

What to Bring on "Top Shelf"

  1. Alcohol is fine, so bring cocktails if you wish.  No glass beer bottles, but wine and champagne bottles ok.  Please NO LIQUOR WITHOUT MIXERS (NO SHOTS).
  2. Bathing Suits, Sunglasses, Hats and Light Jackets in the winter months.
  3. Lotion Sunblock Only - NO SPRAY SUNSCREEN ALLOWED!  Please, NO Glitter, Tanning Dyes, or Oil Sunscreens - they will stain.  Just plain old regular sunscreen, please and thank you!

Food Choices:

You may bring food on the boat, but please do not bring foods or drinks that can stain the floor and seats.  Sandwiches, charcuterie boards and fruit & veggie trays are examples of food that work great on this boat - Please no Red Wine!  Thank you for your consideration!

The wind, boat wakes and waves can make it difficult to eat while the boat is in motion, so we will be sure to anchor the boat and have a picnic on the water.  Our 2Hr Sightseeing Cruises will not provide enough time to anchor and pull out food, so please refrain from bringing food on these quick trips.

If you would like to take the boat to a waterfront restaurant, this is an option, but it will take over an hour off your boat time.  Our Full Day Charters do include this option, or please call if you are looking for something specific and we can arrange a customized cruise.


Captain John and First Mate Ali

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